Sunday, 28 May 2017

Miscellaneous Sketchbook // Part 2

Hello! My doodleful sketchbook is still going strong, though admittedly I haven't been doing much in the past couple of weeks as the weather has been so nice that I've been adventuring out with pals rather than hunching indoors with my felt tips. Here's part 2 (and part 1 if you missed it):

The first dose of pencil in this book, not a fan tbh.

I like finishing with an unfinished spread, then you can see how it develops next time! Whilst I'm here I'll share another playlist of songs that I've been loving recently. It's quite long as I haven't posted one here for ages, that's usually when I start the next one.

My next post will probably be a bit of a life update with much has happened and time is flying so quickly, I'm leaving Falmouth for the summer this week! I've finished first year! Madness.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Eloquent analysis of After Laughter

So I wrote this post last Saturday, the day after Paramore's new album came out. I intended these notes to be a first draft for a proper piece of writing, but I kind of like them as they are. They're quite funny. Anyway, it's been a week now and I can safely say that I pretty much know all the words to all the songs on the album. I wish I was as good at memorising facts as I am at learning lyrics.

HARD TIMES - ok I think you already catch my drift with that one

ROSE-COLORED BOY - "just let me cry a little bit longer" I get that whole thing when you get annoyed with overly positive people. "i think i wanna stay in the car, don't want anybody seeing me cry" ME SO MUCH, throwback to early uni daze. low-key no pressure, love that chanting bit, cool.

TOLD YOU SO - ahh this song epitomises sad happy, dancey depressed. that opening line is like WOAH ok, cheer up. the riff is seriously groovy. and i love the video so much RED mmm.

FORGIVENESS - this song made me realise how songs aren't always true, they are true about a certain point in time, they are a story about how the person felt then but not always now. they talk about not giving forgiveness, not being ready. but when you compare that to their interview with zane lowe where they talk about redemption and forgiveness and where they're at now you see how they've grown etc, PROUD.

FAKE HAPPY - we all cover up how we really feel, "just as insincere". "IF I SMILE WITH MY TEETH..." love this lyric so much, so salty. "i know i said that i was doing good", covering up, would rather not be asked as she doesn't like pretending.

26 - woke up this morning singing this song, very good very nice. the importance of HOPE and DREAMS. "i wouldn't care what it cost me", "don't let it go for NOBODY". survival not the hardest part - survival is doable, an exciting life worth living is harder?

POOL - i LOVE that jangly jingle noise, "no one breaks my heart like you". Not gonna lie I think this is my least favourite song just because there are no lyrics where i'm  like DANG that's relatable, do like it though. i love how paramore's attempt at a love song is still dark and not all happy.

GRUDGES - YES! great message tho am i right? about hayley and taylor welcoming zac back in (i think), love how he does backing vocals on it, so cool! "we've changed and we're better this way". this is actually a happy song! out of a difficult time though ofc. "we'll laugh till we cry like we did when we were kids" aww it's nice. sick drums. i love the way she sings grUdges

CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE - at first i was like, hmm that's a bit cliche, now i'm like wow! i've not heard lyrics like these, so good!! being so open about wanting to die/cry, but like oh that's cool and normal. "can't see the forest for the trees..." such a lovely line. "nostalgia's cool" yes it is but you need to keep going fooorwards, although it's not simple. "i don't need no help I can sabotage me by myself" i love this bit it's hilarious, like just leave me alone!

IDLE WORSHIP - MY FAVOURITE!! I love passive aggressive/actually aggressive Hayley. she's so caring but it's a serious message and she's gotta shout a bit. reminds me of when i was 15ish "YOUR SAVIOUR DOESN'T LOOK A THING LIKE ME!!" The struggle of being put up on a pedestal, the pressure, being held up as a god. (she knows who the real saviour is tho wahey).

NO FRIEND - so exciting, i love experimental paramore! the guitar is like in let the flames begin/part two i think? the heavy song i need. distorted lyrics, they want us to work it out, if they wanted it to be obvious it would be. aggressive. snatched sentences echo the feels in the other songs, and even older paramore songs. "the perfection you project on me". i love drums so much. "but the coat won't let go of me" this is so mysterious, interesting, food for thought.

TELL ME HOW - another favourite, has one of my fave lyrics in the bridge. not knowing how to feel = so relatable, wanting someone to tell you what you should do. "i guess it's good to get it off my chest" i love when guts get spilt, raw, emotion and all that. "YOU KEEP ME UP WITH YOUR SILENCE, YOU TAKE ME DOWN WITH YOUR QUIET" OUCH, this got me. when you feel needy for someone's attention but you want them to be the one to make the contact. i like the chilled vibes of this song, a nice one to finish the album on. "you don't have to tell me" but I'm still here for you!

As you can tell from these scattered rambles, I love After Laughter just a bit. It seems so timely, I feel very attached to a lot of the lyrics, literally every song has something I can relate to. And it's so fun and dancey! I know that this album is always going to bring me back to the time that I'm in at the moment, music has that strange power. In the future, these songs are going to remind me of being done with uni for the summer, making hazy plans with friends, spending a day just doodling in my room, feeling lonely, feeling confused, feeling blissfully happy, driving in the dark, singing in the park, it will remind me of two friends in particular. That's my initial response, tbh I'm still getting new things from it. 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Miscellaneous Sketchbook // Part 1

Before leaving Falmouth for Easter I decided to buy a sketchbook in order to encourage myself to be creative over the holiday. I knew that if I didn't make a conscious decision to do this then it would be all too easy for me to waste the weeks away without anything arty to show for myself. I tried to replace mindless social media scrolling with doodling, and grabbed my sketchbook and pens when I was watching TV, and have begun to carry it in my bag most days.

All the black line work and writing is done with a Muji pen (sadly about to run out), then I just reverted to childhood and went crazy with felt tips, there's also some crayon, coloured pencil, and watercolour thrown in for good measure.

Some doodles are completely random, there are lots of phrases picked up throughout the day in overheard conversations or quotes from films or songs. I did a bit of observational drawing but I'm not really feeling that at the moment so not much. Anyway, intro over.

This personal sketchbook is very much a work in progress, I hope to keep going and fill it up. I'm usually guilty of abandoning half-filled books so we'll see how I do. I'm really enjoying the complete freedom of it, working in a non-chronological way so I can start new pages before going back and working on previous ones. I also like having a mixtures of lined and plain pages. You may have noticed I never use pencil for drawing either, I rarely use them anymore...they're so impermanent...and slow.

Oh and incase you didn't see it already, I made this over Easter as well:

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Hit me with lightening!

Hello. My name is Bethany and I'm madly into Paramore's new song, Hard Times. I'm a bit of a die hard Paramore fan (see here lol) so that's no surprise but this video is just ? so ? me ? I am usually slightly wary when one of my favourites puts out something new because I never believe that anything can be as good as their old stuff, I don't want to be disappointed. But that never actually happens, yeah new stuff is different but different is cool and exciting. Some initial notes I made:
  • THE COLOURS are so my aesthetic
  • like my colour outfits e.g pink trousers
  • the black and white
  • the illustrations, doodles are life
  • THOSE triangles 
  • the skeleton
  • the lads <3
  • Hayley is glorious
  • Taylor’s/my coat
  • fun but depressed kinda? lol at life kind of thing
  • soOo catchy, dancey yes
  • primary colours
  • geometric shapes
  • exaggerated mime actions

Basically I'm just fangirling so hard. I went all out getting dreamy are these pastel colours?

I love triangles, they are one of my go-to things to doodle when I'm in a lecture or something. The whole stage set-up with the patterned walls is just NICE.

The skeleton is my favourite.

Zac's back, heck yeah!

You may have noticed my preoccupation with the colour yellow, well the amount of yellow in this video is very pleasing. In fact, yellow, blue, and pink is just a winning combination. SO GOOD.

I'm feeling inspired to create some colourful outfit combos, colourful and also monochrome, and playful, and's my feels in gif form kinda:

Ahh this new Paramore vibe is great. I'm PROUD. Such wonderful, wholesome musical goodness. Such satisfying colour schemes and wiggly animation. Hayley's look is on point, some super honest lyrics, groovy dance rhythm. So joyful. I'm thriving. Oh and the different coloured eyeshadow ? Iconic.